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Green Thorn

Green Thorn Technologies started in 2010, selling Magic Desktop Software and being a reseller for Mustek South Africa.

We continue to provide consultancy services to the automotive and related industries. In 2017 we acquired the Chainway the rights to distribute the Chainway Range of Scanners.


Chainway product are supplied with SDK (Software Development Kit)/API (Application Protocol Interface, Green Thorn Technologies have software development business partners that have developed and continue to develop management solutions for various applications.

Most recently we were involved in the development of an Estate Management Access Control System which provides a solution for the managing the access to and from estates for residents, tenants, contractors, gardening services etc. and regular visitors to residences.


C70 Handheld Computer

With D1, D2, barcode reading, Iris scanning, NFC, Camera, GPS, etc.

C71 Mobile Computer

With barcode/Iris/fingerprint scanning, Infrared, HF, UHF, NFC, etc.


Linear/circular polarization & EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO18000-6C

P80 Industrial tablet

Can be configured with 1D, 2D, UHF, HF RFID/NFC, Fingerprint, Infrared, Iris.

V600 Vehicle Computer

A telematics vehicle computer with superior performance.

C6000 Handheld computer

Can be configured with 1D, 2D, HF RFID/NFC, camera and more.