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ProductS range

Chainway Products

Mobile Computers, Handheld RFID Readers, Rugged Tablets, Fixed RFID Reader, UHF RFID Modules, Vehicle-mounted Computers, USB IRIS Scanner, Barcode Scanners

C70 HandHeld computer

With D1, D2, barcode reading, Iris scanning, NFC, camera, GPS, etc.

C71 Mobile Computer

With barcode/Iris/fingerprint scanning, Infrared, HF, UHF, NFC, etc.

C72 UHf rfid reader

Linear/circular polarization & EPC C1 GEN2/ISO18000-6C

P80 Industrial Tablet

Can be configured with 1D, 2D, UHF, HF RFID/NFC, Fingerprint, Infrared, Iris.

V600 Vehicle Computer

A telematics computer with superior performance.

C6000 Handheld computer

Can be configured with 1D, 2D, HF RFID/NFC, camera and more.

C4000 UHF RFID Reader

Inear/circular polarization & EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO18000-C6

C10 1D Barcode scanner

It scans all 1D codes on the screen with responsive performance.

C20 optical image scanner

It fully decodes all common 1D/2D screen and paper barcodes.